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Thread: 3 more ebay steals! (IMO) pics

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    3 more ebay steals! (IMO) pics

    Its official, i am addicted to ebay!

    Today's Steals

    -2007-08 The Cup Chirography Jari Kurri 20/50


    -2008-09 SPA Future Watch Auto Matt D'Agostini 849/999


    and the creme de la crop

    -2008-09 UD Black Dual Jersey/Patch Mario Lemieux/Larry Murphy 09/25


    comments are welcome

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    omg the kurri was a HUGE STEAL!!!..NICE WORK!!!

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    i love Kurri, and a hard signed auto from his isnt a easy catch! just made it that nicer :)

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    whats going on with the cards of mario lemieux...
    he is almost going towards unlisted star

    great deals for you, the d'agostini not really but Kurri owns

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    coming from Montreal im a huge fan of Matt....he has a Bright Future, so i wanted to get my hands on a auto of his

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    that lemieux is a HUGE steal!!

    the d'agostini is not a steal at all to me and i am a habs fan. by the time that you pay say $3 for shipping you got the card for $11.50. i am sure that you could buy one one here for $10.

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