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    Will Tommy Dreamer Retire tonight?

    Dreamers match tonight can be his last or he will walk away ECW champion, if loses tonight we will lose a ECW icon. Do u think he will win or lose?

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    I somewhat hope he wins but i still doubt he will, if he does win though i doubt he holds it long

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    i dont think he will win.

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    I agree with both of you, I think he wins tonight and either retires on his terms or loses in his first defense

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    idk, whats gonna happen, but im watching on PPV right now.

    Just starting.

    GO DREAMER!!!!!!

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    dreamer will loose in a match that will send him off as a strong competitor

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    someone going to post the winners and losers here tonight?
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    i'll post it, should it b in a different thread or on this one?

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