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Thread: Rainbow Complete!

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    Rainbow Complete!

    Went to the Toronto Card Show yesterday, had a great time and picked up some stuff for the PC... it helped me finish this rainbow:

    So, since the Metal/Metal X thing is still mind-boggling.. the order is: base, gold, metal, metal X... bottom: retro, blank back, retro rainbow.

    This puts away OPC for me... have all the cards I need from it!

    And also wanted to show off this:

    Thanks to Adam (SenatorsFan) for the Limited Logos! The EoE came in on Friday, looks great in person.

    And last one I want to show:

    Thanks to Trev (Rockstartrev) for this one, looks amazing in person! I emailed UD about it, as well as posted on the Facebook page... no response yet... hoping to get an answer (about the absense of the auto)

    Thanks for the look!

    P.S. I know there is a thread about player collections already, but seriously how hard is it to have a complete collection
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    Total cards (no 1/1s): 78.96%

    Gagner has 115 1/1s including plates (62 plates)

  2. Kronozio
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    Sweet rainbow. That Metal X stuff is mind boggling. Some have the "X" or mountaintops and some don't?

    Thanks for the show of all your Gagner Cup cards as well as the Ice Premieres unautoed patch. Big thumbs up to UD on that one as well!

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    Hey I sent the gold and reg. Base woohoo I helped lol.

    Congrats on the pickups. Very nice stuff.

    Please make sure you update us on the "non" auto

    Thanks for sharing Houng
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    Nice rainbow Houng, and i love the Cup cards!

    When will you be a Super Collector? ;)

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    I find the easiest way to find the Metal x is to scan the cards. The regular always seem to scan darker lol
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    Erik Karlsson/Marian Hossa/Billy Smith/Curtis Lazar Rookies

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    I can't find any mountain tops on either of the cards so I'm not sure

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    Sweet looking Gagner's. Congrats on the rainbow.

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    Awesome stuff QT ! let us know what UD has to say...gotta hear the responce on this one

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    Great Gagners Houng!

    Congrats on the rainbow, and the sickness of the patches and the Cup cards.

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    That's some great stuff, Houng! You'll be waiting for a short while regarding the Facebook thing, as Chris is on a vacation right now. I dropped him an email on Friday when I got my contest package in the mail that day, and got an OutofOffice reply message back.
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