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Thread: looking to buy mini helmets

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    looking to buy mini helmets

    i am looking for a few unsigned mini helmets. just lmk what ones you have, i am looking for many different ones to get signed. thanks! oh, also, please post prices dlvd. thank you!!

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    i have a signed barry sanders mini riddell for $40 dlvd........

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    i am looking for unsigned helmets. but do you have a coa?

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    I have Vikings, Patriots, Panthers, Giants & Jets. I also have the Pink Patriots and Giants. $16 each plus shipping.

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    dont think i need any of these teams. sorry!

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    not dlvd. We can figure out shipping depending on how many you want.

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    where do you get them from? cause for 16 plus shipping i could just get them from ebay. im more or less looking for people that just have ones layin around or somthing for a good price.

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    I have a wholesale license, so I get them brand new.
    You may find a few here and there on ebay, but you pay shipping individually. The ones on ebay that have all the teams are usually 20 each. So you end up paying more either way.

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