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    Smile New project - Masterpieces Brushstrokes autos

    Seeing as I'm almost done killing my YG set, I want to start my new project. I only have a few of these so far, prefer brown but will take the numbered ones if the deal sounds good. Have a look 'round my bucket!

    red - incoming
    black - have

    MB-AB Andy Bathgate
    MB-AD Alex Delvecchio
    MB-AM Al MacInnis
    MB-AO Adam Oates
    MB-BB Bob Bourne
    MB-BC Bobby Clarke
    MB-BD Bill Dineen
    MB-BF Bernie Federko
    MB-BH Bobby Hull SP
    MB-BK Johnny Bucyk
    MB-BL Brian Leetch
    MB-BN Bernie Nicholls
    MB-BO Bob Baun
    MB-BR Brian Sutter
    MB-BS Borje Salming
    MB-BU Butch Bouchard
    MB-CA Guy Carbonneau
    MB-CG Clark Gillies
    MB-CH Don Cherry SP
    MB-CN Cam Neely
    MB-DA Darryl Sutter
    MB-DC Dino Ciccarelli
    MB-DD Dick Duff
    MB-DG Doug Gilmour SP
    MB-DP Denis Potvin
    MB-DU Duane Sutter
    MB-DW Doug Wilson
    MB-EL Ron Ellis
    MB-ES Eddie Shack
    MB-FM Frank Mahovlich SP
    MB-GA Glenn Anderson
    MB-GF Grant Fuhr
    MB-GH Gordie Howe SP
    MB-GL Guy Lafleur
    MB-GP Gilbert Perreault
    MB-HH Harry Howell
    MB-HO Mark Howe
    MB-HX Ron Hextall
    MB-JB Jean Beliveau SP
    MB-JK Jari Kurri
    MB-JM Joe Mullen
    MB-JO Johnny Bower
    MB-LA Rod Langway
    MB-LM Lanny McDonald SP
    MB-LR Larry Robinson
    MB-MB Mike Bossy
    MB-MC Craig MacTavish
    MB-MD Marcel Dionne
    MB-MF Mike Foligno
    MB-ML Mario Lemieux SP
    MB-MM Marty McSorley
    MB-MS Mark Messier SP
    MB-OR Bobby Orr
    MB-PE Phil Esposito SP
    MB-PR Patrick Roy SP
    MB-PS Peter Stastny
    MB-RB Ray Bourque SP
    MB-RD Ron Duguay
    MB-RH Manon Rheaume
    MB-RI Richard Brodeur
    MB-RK Red Kelly
    MB-RL Rejean Lemelin
    MB-RM Rick McLeish
    MB-RO Luc Robitaille
    MB-RS Rich Sutter
    MB-RV Rogie Vachon
    MB-SA Denis Savard
    MB-SB Scotty Bowman SP
    MB-SC Dave Schultz
    MB-SM Stan Mikita SP
    MB-SR Ron Sutter
    MB-SS Steve Shutt
    MB-SU Brent Sutter
    MB-TE Tony Esposito SP
    MB-TF Theoren Fleury
    MB-TL Ted Lindsay
    MB-TO Terry O'Reilly
    MB-VT Vladislav Tretiak
    MB-WG Wayne Gretzky SP
    MB-WO Willie O'Ree
    MB-WT Walt Tkaczuk
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    hi i've got the willie o'ree i might be needing your 08/09-udygs plmk when you got time...
    heres my bucket

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    I have these

    rejean lemelin 08/09 masterpieces brown
    guy carboneau 08/09 masterpieces brown
    mike foligno 08/09 masterpieces brown
    duane sutter 08/09 masterpieces brown..............incoming redemption
    bob bourne 08/09 masterpieces brown

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    I need all of them except Foligno. Which Habs Centennial and brown border base do you need? I also have a Pacioretty FW Limited /100.

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    Brown border autos.......PM ME
    Reggie Lemelin
    Ron Sutter
    Ron Duguay
    Looking for all Joffrey Lupul cards, 06-07 Parkhurst autos, all 08-09 Legends Masterpieces and all 11-12 Parkhurst Champions

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    I have a Richard Brodeur blue parallel /25. Unfortunately I can\t view the link in your sig because I don't have enough posts. Would it be possible to send me a link to your traders in a PM?


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