Hey guys and gals

I would love to finish my Ellerby 08/09 Heros & Prospects cards as soon as I can. The only problem I havent seen 3 of them heres my list:

Game Used Emblem /9 # GUE-03
Game Used Emblem & Auto /9 # EA-KE
Game Used Jersey & Auto /19 # JA-KE

I would like to find these 1 of 1s as well.

Game Used Emblem Gold 1/1 # GUE-03
Game Used Jersey & Auto Gold 1/1 # JA-KE
Game Used Emblem & Auto Gold 1/1 # EA-KE
Game Used Number & Auto Gold 1/1 # NA-KE

If you have any of them it will be well worth your while! Would like to trade but will buy if you have one. Best way to contact me is by PM.