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    Some birthday presents to myself

    In celebration of my 25th birthday (June 4th) I decided to post some new PC items that I got recently.

    Thanks to Nashrules for this beauty Toskala

    I love the Finnish cards

    I had to buy the set to get this Toskala. It's from the 99-00 Swedish Upper Deck

    Schenn Retro Rainbow

    Thanks again to Nashrules for this sweet card

    This next card is a's destined to be a classic. With Tavares, Hedman, Cowen, Schenn, Duchene, and Kane how can you lose?

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    Nice stuff.

    Happy late birthday too.

    That 6 piece is so sick!

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    That 6 piece GU is great, so is the complete jersey! Nice pickups!
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    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    HOLY...OH MY! that 6 jersey card is INSAAAAAAAAAAAANE! duchene and kane have BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT futures!

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    Happy belated birthday! Great presents you got for yourself ;) That 6-jersey and Toskala are awesome

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