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    It has arrived! THE BEST CARD in my collection

    a HUGE thanks to waxbuster for the patience due to my lack of paypal!

    here it is ladies and gents!

    i did a quick search on wikipedia

    On the back of the card it says that this piece was found near the North Sea (north of Holland)

    simply wow!

    Thanks again waxbuster!

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    nice! I used to have a mini version but the full versions are way cooler

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    Sweetness! I won't mind adding one of those to my collection.

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    when i checked on wikipedia i was amazed by the facts they had on the wooly mammoth, this bone is like 10,000 years old!
    I Dont know.... its just un-real!
    Next year they're coming out (baseball) with pieces of hair from Horses that won the Kentucky derby haha, so i might try to get one of those!
    nonetheless, VERY pleased with this purchase!

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    It was a hard card to let go of. But I know its in good hands now. Glad you like it.

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    I have the Auroch Femur full size and they are real nice cards. congrats!!

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    thanks for the compliments!
    id like to get one with the piece of the knife....seems like a nice card
    gonna browse ebay now
    evening all

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