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    Co-ops plan emerging as possible key to health-care compromise

    Co-ops plan emerging as possible key to health-care compromise

    A proposal to create privatelyoperated
    health-insurance cooperatives as an alternative to a government-run health plan is gaining steam in the Senate, several key senators said Wednesday.

    The plan is shaping up as possibly the most viable way to bridge a key difference between Democrats and Republicans negotiating a health care overhaul, senators said.

    The non-profit co-ops, based on the model of electricity, agricultural and other cooperatives in rural states, would be run and paid for by its members, although an initial infusion of federal funds might be needed to get them off the ground, senators said.

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    Pelosi says no to health co-ops proposal

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Thursday dismissed the idea of health-insurance cooperatives as an alternative to a government-sponsored health-care plan.

    Asked at her weekly news conference whether she could support non-profit co-ops, Pelosi said, "No, not instead of a public option."
    So somebody hits on something that seems to be a fair compromise and somewhat of a bi-partisan solution (Reps are at least open to discussion on the co-op option) and Nancy Pelosi immediately says no, we're not discussing it, the government has to have complete control. California needs to try to force an emergency election to get her out...

    Some notes from the article:

    The speaker described the model, saying, "It should be actuarially sound. It should be administratively self-sufficient. It should be a real competitor with the private sector and not have an unfair advantage. When you say the words public option — if that is the term we will be using — you have to say right next to it, level playing field."
    Right, level playing field. The organization that regulates the industry just happens to be one of the use Mrs. Pelosi's sports analogy, that's like one of the refs of the game playing for your team. Real level...

    "I'm opposed to a government option, period," said Boehner. "Listen, if you like going to the DMV and you think they do a great job, or you like going to the post office and think it's the most efficient thing you've run into, then you'll love the government-run health-care system that they're proposing, 'cause that's basically what you're gonna have."
    I wish more people would realize this. How many people like going to the DMV?

    Meanwhile, the American Medical Association, one of the most prominent health care interest groups, is vocally criticizing a government-run plan, and appears open to the co-op concept.

    "The AMA opposes any public plan… but the AMA is willing to consider other variations of a public plan that are currently under consideration in Congress. This includes a federally charted co-op health plan," wrote AMA President Nancy H. Neilsen.
    So not only are Republicans completely against a government ran option, but open to discussing a co-op plan, but the AMA is as well. But Pelosi knows best I guess?

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    health care is a joke, the insurance companies have already spend 50 million this year according to the usa today to buy off the politicians..

    I don't think we should spend ONE more penny on defense as we do health care.. And if you believe the crap that the right is telling "goverment shouldn't decide you health care that should be between you and your doctor"

    IT'S NOT BETWEEN YOU AND YOU DOCTOR IT'S ALL UP TO A PERSON IN A LITTLE ROOM WHO DECIDES IF YOU LIVE OR DIE.. Go back and look at some of the senat testimony from the head of insurance companies who admit they turned down surgery knowing the person would die just so they could save the company money and get a bigger bonus..

    Our health system is the laughing stock of the world.. Yes people come here but it's for stuff they could wait for like boob jobs, hip replacement surgery etc..

    The funny thing is the adds against a public policy since they guy who is on and running the adds has paid billions in fraud charges when he worked for an isurance company..

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