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    RC Autos For Sale... Everything Scanned... Highend Gibson

    Everything is for sale below, mainly looking for paypal but if the transaction is big enough I will accept money orders. PM if interested... there are a few cards i didnt scan in yet that I will list below. If you want any scans of the others let me know and I will put them up

    $33 *** SOLD***

    $20*** SOLD***

    (3) $8



    Sasha pavlovic bowman uncirculated rc auto /1250
    Daniel Gibson reflections rc auto... (2) of these *** SOLD***
    gibson spx super scripts auto
    gibson star signings auto *** SOLD***
    gibson sp signature edition rc auto
    gibson bowman sterling rc auto
    gibson/tucker cosigners dual rc auto
    gibson bowman elevation rc silver auto... (2) of these
    gibson sweet shots rc auto /799
    gibson fleer ex rc auto /899
    gibson ultimate collection rc auto /350
    gibson bowman elevation rc gold auto /59
    mo williams finest rc auto /999 *** SOLD***
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    gibson exquisite nameplates /35 is sold, list updated

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    top... looking for best offer on any of these need to move them

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    list updated, a few have been sold looking to move the others

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