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    New World Order? World Bank coming? Obama a fake? ...

    I'm not sure this has been discussed or not and I'm alittle to lazy to search it out --

    But discussion of another inflated house market only to be dumped leaving our economy in a full blown depression and a new world bank coming in to bail us out...

    We're in trouble -- majority of the points discussed have been referenced and are true.

    **THIS IS IN NO WAY A FLAME ON OBAMA FROM MYSELF -- just make sure you are informed of the things going on in this country and abroad. ** BE INFORMED!

    This is a long video, but well worth the watch. Please post it in your other areas on the net that you frequent.

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    i believe it's been posted at least 4 other times in this forum...but definitely worth watching

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    I don't have the time to watch the video, but.....

    The bank bailout money(we were told by fear tactics was desperately needed immediately to prevent another Great Depression) has been funneled to foreign banks. Most credit card companies have jacked up their rates to rake in dough to raise reserves(my chase cards went up 9% quietly overnight a few months back).

    This is not just obama, this was bush as well. But mostly, this is congress. Your NWO leaders are in major leaders in industry, congress, banking, corporations, tech. co.s, foreign leaders/foreign congressmen, foreign bankers, etc., the Pope(i.e. the twisted cross he uses in ceremonies & seashells on some of his frocks are signs to others he is in the illuminatti), and other leaders in the Catholic heiarchy & islamic leaders.

    Dems. & Repubs. have us pitted against each other so we will miss what is going on in the sidestage.

    This was all predicted in the Bible, N.T. & O.T. Books Daniel, Ezekiel, Revelation, and small bits in other N.T. books as well as snipits in other O.T. books.

    There is a comming triad:
    -One World Government
    -One World Economy
    -One World Religion(led by the false prophet who will dupe the world into believing the anti-Christ is the Messiah)

    But also, keep in mind that the whole housing market forclosure crash was caused by forced equal lending legislation from democratic regimes/congresses. They forced lenders to lend to people the lenders knew would never be able to pay back the money. The only way they could lend $300,000 mortgages to people who only made $20,000/year was these things called ARM loans. But they were forced by legislation to commit suicide, then when the house of cards fall, the dems blame the lenders they forced into this in the beginning........then everyone says "bush did it".......

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