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Thread: Which O'reilly is better?

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    Which O'reilly is better?

    Trying to figure out which one i'll keep for the collection and which one i'll put in my traders..........

    At first the black/white one i thought would be for the collection since it has less white, but that yellow one for some reason looks a little cooler. I don't know. Maybe i'll keep em both until i get a really cool 50/50 black/yellow

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    keep em both. but if i had to choose one, then the 2nd one

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    I'd do both but if you had to choose keep the black!

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    Keep them both for the PC!
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    Personally, since you have 2 multi colored ones to start with, I'd try to chase down the whole spectrum of colors. I think it would be a cool thing to have in a PC. Solid White, Solid Black, Solid Yellow, Yellow/White, White/Black, & Black/Yellow. I know its kind of the complete opposite of what you are looking for but could be kind of a side project.


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    yellow/white by far. bruins jersey has a lot more black than yellow. thus yellow being more rare.

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    Thanks for the imput, i guess i like the yellow better, but i'll hang on to both for a while.

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    yellow. black and white are the most common swatch colors.

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