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    has anyone else had a problem getting DC?

    So i went to a PO that i normally dont because i really needed to get something mailed, but at this place they got this measuring thing out and said that my bubble mailer wasnt thick anough, i gave my word to a guy that i would get DC. Has anyone else had to have their mailer so thick to get DC or was it just this PO. Or is it a new law.

    LMK thanks

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    I have heard it several times although i use thin mailers and have never been stopped with it. I do print all my postage with paypal now though just in case. Nothing new though... They may have just started using it in your office though. Easy fix is put a packing peanut in there to get the width.... doesnt add any weight
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    that neva happen to me but that happen to my boi muffinman when he was gon send me a package..

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    hmmm, guess i could just look it up at usps website

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    this is all i got from there

    Note: A First-Class Mail mailpiece, determined to be a parcel by the dimensions and characteristics of the item, is eligible for Delivery Confirmation.

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    Yep happens to me every time i go to my P.O. to get DC. They stick it through this slot and if it can fit through the slot, its not thick enough to get DC. Stupid because all i do now is put paper towel in there lol. Adds basically no weight at all. thanx

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    just depends on how stricked the clerk is. out of all my times using it,rarely any but they always accepted it.

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    I moved this from Basketball Chat (a non-card forum) to General Sports Card Talk so it can get more views and replies.

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    Bubble envelopes are supposed to be 3/4" thick to use DC. Some of the clerks let it go but it's supposed to be a national rule not regional or anything like that.

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