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Thread: Anyone have a Paul Kariya RC?

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    Anyone have a Paul Kariya RC?

    He's one of my favorite hockey players, and I would like to get his rookie card. I don't have a lot of hockey cards, but I could probably put together some sort of trade for one.

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    thats a good deal, do u have anymore, i will buy one for 4 dollars

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    Originally posted by goingwild18
    i will sell for $4 lmk we can negotiate a deal
    Would you be willing to trade?

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    if i get one rodent, will you trade the absolute memorabilia dominic rhodes game used ball for it?

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    I don't think so. Isn't a Kariya RC only worth $8? If not, what is it's most current BV?

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    I don't think I would want to trade the dominic rhodes for it. That's a one-of-a-kind card. The football piece contains the "L" from wilson, and it looks really awesome.

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