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    4 packs series 2. REVERSE THE CURSE?

    broke 4 packs of series 2. why? i don't know. was at my shop getting a box to store my cards in because the one i have now became full and i was gunna get a box but then i realized that i don't want anymore UD boxes unless Loktionov has rookie cards in it and they were out of BTP so just grabbed four packs of series 2 to cure the itch. did i reverse the curse of never getting anything in packs?

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    you did awesome for series two, jerseys are impossible to pull!

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    this was hobby btw. not retail. but yeah they're hard to pull from just loose packs. the box i pulled from looked full but looked like two boxes left over packs put into one

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    Go Andy!

    That seemed like a winner to me. Nothing huge, but still a winner.

    It beats my last pack break....

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    nice break, too bad you didnt pull any sharks :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by G0SHARKSG0 View Post
    nice break, too bad you didnt pull any sharks :)
    well that was the glory of the break i forgot to post about. not a single shark base even!!!!!

    and what was weird was the base card right behind the stoll jersey was a stoll base

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    Your lucky u pulled a jersey, i busted a blaster today and picked up a victory gold rookie and young guns of brett skinner and justin peters

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    Nice hit with the jersey!
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