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    Awesome Story

    Hey guys, I have a awesome story to share with you guys. A few weeks ago, a buddy of mine (who recently got back into collecting sports cards) and myself decided to head up to a hobby shop. Upon our arrival, we discovered that the owner was gone on vacation for the week. So, after being hyped up about going to buy some cards, we were obviously disappointed. So we decided to stop by the local Wal-Mart and check out some of the retail stuff. I NEVER buy retail, but my buddy was determined to get a GU card. So he purchased a $9.99 retail box of 08-09 NBA SP Authentic, which "averages" one jersey card per box. After opening all of the packs, we discovered that his box did not have a jersey card. I told him that the box stated "on average", not "garunteed". Well, I told him to call Upper Deck anyway, just to see what they might say. Upper Deck told him the same thing I told him, but took his mailing information anyway. My buddy got a envelope in the mail yesterday from Upper Deck, and it had a Michael Jordan SP Authentic GU Jersey card, along with a bonus pack of 08-09 SP Authentic (Hobby)! I was like !!! A MJ Jersey card for a retail box! I thought it was a sweet story for my buddy. Now the journey begins of trying to get him to trade it to me

    Thanks for reading,
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    Wow that's really nice of UD. Nice story thanks 4 sharing

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    good start. kinda the same for me when i got back into the hobby i pulled a mj jersey. but your friend was luckier

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    I remember back a few years ago when I pulled a Mark Brunell jersey card and it was damaged. So I sent it back to Fleer, and they replaced it with a Brett Favre patch! It was the lower part of the letter "V". It had stitching on both sides and everything. I was extremely happy.

    However, there was a time when I pulled a redemption card for a Andre Johnson auto, and I ended up getting a Brandon Llyod RC auto! lol
    Football - Robert Mathis and Short-Print 90's Colts
    Basketball - UNC Tarheels (College Uniform Only)

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    Awesome story indeed. I would love to be that lucky. Hopefully he'll continue to collect and pull some more good stuff. I buy a lot of retail just b/c it's easier and you can sometimes get lucky, but I really love to buy hobby packs when I get the chance.

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    Great story and very kind gesture on UD's part.

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