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    Trilogy and a few Shopmade packs

    I bought these packs before and did pretty well so I got a couple more...and the last Trilogy they had....

    First pack was 10 Base cards + 2008-09 SPx #150 Tyler Plante JSY RC Print Run 1299 $15.00 (2 Color)

    Second pack was 8 Base cards + 2008-09 Upper Deck Game Jerseys #GJDS Daniel Sedin $12.00

    Trilogy was 5 Base cards + my second 2008-09 Upper Deck Trilogy Ice Scripts #ISTV Tomas Vokoun $25.00 (Redemption)
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    Not too bad of a break Chris!
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    The shopmade packs were $6 so I think I did OK....Last trip I got a Ericsson SPx $30BV....for the same $6/pack.....
    Almost better than taking a risk at any pack to get all base...

    Best part was no white jerseys...SPx was 2 color - Sedin was blue...
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    chris what shop has these packs? cause if i DO come down, i say we meet there

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    This is the shop thatcarry a whole lot of Hockey...I snatched their last Trilogy - I dont think they plan on getting more....but they do have last year OPC Premier and Ultimate (I believe from last year) and then the basic UD1, UD2, SPx, Ice, SPA....but thats about it...the shop is full of Pokemon or some stuff like that....LOL

    They only have about 4 more of these homemade packs left....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CSSports View Post
    ...the shop is full of Pokemon or some stuff like that....LOL
    Do you remember which pokemon stuff they had?

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    Nice breaks Chris.

    Great colours for $6
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