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Thread: Lemieux to Return

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    Lemieux to Return

    ESPN says he will go back to Pittsburgh.

    He is Technically returning since he will only play in 2/3 of the Penguins games if that...still good for the game though.

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    Good news indeed. He woulda been the scoring leader had it not been for injuries. Where did he finish 5th overall or something like that? He's still a dominant player. Too bad he doesn't have a team around him. But its a good learning experience for all the youngsters .

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    I was hoping that he would sell his portion of the team and head off to Montreal!!! haha

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    he's still ythe best player in the game. i mean he plays with no name players in pittsburg and still dominates. i am glad that heis staying in the game even if he only played half the games, or less!!!

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    Yea i adree with akanabar even if he only plays half or less of the games it will still be great for the game of hockey!

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    That is good news, but why do the players always flip flop about retiring and then not retiring?

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    Well when he retires next time he will mean it. I hate when players do that though too.

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    Good news? OH MY... don't even get me started... a team that's financially on the ropes that's gonna pay 1 guy 6 million to play 1/2 the games? VERY NOT COOL!

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    Well he ownes the team so he is gonna get that money no matter what anyways. And I know its not a big difference but I think he gets 5mil not 6mil.

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    it just isnt the same watching the pens, its tough to see all the talent they had a few years ago be dismantled and rebuild

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