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    Lookin 4 ud black auto/jsys #ed/50

    Lookin 4 mainly the rookies right now. I'm talkin about the autos that are on the jersey pieces and #ed/50. I have these:

    Jarryd bayless
    kevin love
    brandon rush
    roy hibbert
    george hill
    jason thompson
    j.j. hickson
    javalle mcgee
    walter sharpe
    mario chalmers
    joe alexander
    russell westbrook
    michael beasley

    i know i need these:

    courtney lee
    ryan anderson
    robin lopez
    o.j. mayo
    derrick rose
    chris douglas-roberts
    kosta koufos
    mareese speights
    anthony randolph
    d.j. augustine
    joey dorsey
    sonny weems
    eric gordon
    rudy fernandez
    brook lopez
    j.r. giddens

    lookin to mainly buy and not sure if i can afford the heavy hitters at the moment. Lmk what u guys got
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    come on guys, i've seen tons of breaks of this stuff. theres gotta be a few around here

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    just knocked off one of the big three, anybody else??????????

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    i could get you speights from my friend. please let me know what you'd be willing to pay for it so i know whether its worth getting from him. i have no idea what its worth, i just know it was a $250 box and he got 2 crappy cards for that amount of money and that was one of them

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