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Thread: Pretty good mailday

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    Pretty good mailday

    Got these from a trade on another site. These are both FT.

    Picked this up in a trade here with Phil A. I don't know why I had a brain fart and thought that Jr would be in it. He didn't make the chase in 2008 so it's FT as well. Might be a lot of PC's into which this one could fit. I'd like a nice Jr #d back for it. This would be especially nice for a Denny Hamlin collector. I think that's him hidden behind Kenseth. He was 12th in the 2007 Chase and this is a door number card for him.

    Finally, for my PC this one came from the 'bay. This is my 2nd 88/99 from 09 Stealth.

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    sweet cards-Id love that gold eclipse/25 for my Carl PC-dont have nothing to trade though lol.

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    Great cards! I'd love the Eclipse/25 for my Hamlin collection but pretty sure I don't have any nice Jr's laying around.

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    Those are some very nice cards!

    Thanks for sharing!


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