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Thread: The Best Box of Radiance Ever!

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    The Best Box of Radiance Ever!

    This guy is so lucky. I just can't believe it

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    Wow...Incredible..I can't believe what I just saw...

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    awesome card AZ breaks a ton of boxes and he's had some sweet pulls check out some of his other breaks!

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    Talk about major luck! A ridiculous pull right there, considering that most Radiance boxes will yield less than desired results.

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    i tried to play the vid...
    it says an error occured please try again :(

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    video finally worked for me :)
    awesome pull but i still wouldn't take my chances on that particular product

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    dude, is that for real?? dude, how can one be so lucky? wonder many cases or boxes he has broken in his whole collecting lifetime...hmm..but lucky ******* him.

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    that is a pull of a lifetime, especially because from what you guys are saying that radiance doesn't get big hits like that, sooo he was luckkkky!
    wish i could be THAT lucky

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