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Thread: Suggested BV of this Duncan GU

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    Suggested BV of this Duncan GU

    Hi guys. I'm trying to trade this card and i have had some offers but Beckett doesn't have a price. It's a 2006-07 Hot Prospects Draft Rewind Memorabilia Red Hot Parallel GU #/25 of Tim Duncan. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Nice card! Unfortunately, it's probably not worth lots, as Duncan isn't a high-valued player. My suggestion would be to use your best collector's judgement - you should be able to tell if it seems like a good deal or not without a price guide. :-)

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    not sure what book might be, could be a bv of 25-30 but sv could range from 6-11. sometimes his stuff goes low and others is mid book. would love to have it though if your looking to trade or sell.
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