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    Hey guys, i en on for a really long time but i have some nice $1-5 Autos and Gu.

    Edit: Title should say "Hey guys, i havent been on for a really long time but i have some nice $1-5 Autos and Gu.

    Hey guys, I havent been on in a long time (a few months i think) but i had a few cards layign around I need to get rid of, I'm not sure how the market is but if the prices are abd let me know and ill lower them. Its $1 shipping for 1 or 2 cards, $2 shipping for 3-5 cards, and $3 for anything more. Buy 4 cards and get a 5th ($1-$2 card) free.

    These are for sale (only, no trading.)
    $2-2005 Donruss Champions Wilson Valdez auto
    $3-2004 Absolute Ramon Ramirez rookie auto /700 (dominant reliever for redsox, pictured in Yankees uni)
    $3-2006 SSU Chris duncan quad jersey
    $2-2004 champions josh towers rc auto /500
    $2-2006 topps chrome darrell rasner rc auto
    $2.00-2005 fleer authentix sean burnett auto /250
    $1-2003 upperdeck brad sullivan rc jsy
    $2-2004 spx carlos vazquez auto
    $2-2006 future stars macay mcbride rc auto
    $4-2003 Bowman Robinson cano rookie jersey
    $3.50-2007 SPX Melky Cabrera jersey /199
    $4-2007 Sweet spot Chase Wright rc auto helmet
    $4-2000 Rookies Barry Zito rc auto
    $5-2003 donruss signature nick johnson auto /100
    $42006 bowmans best luis hernandez rc auto /974
    $3-2003 potg josh bard jersey/auto
    $2-2002 Topps TR Tino Martinez bat
    $3-2005 Absolute Hason Giambi Jumbo Jersey /150 (not good condition, small creases, and sratches on back)
    $2-2005 Sweet spot Andy pettite jsy
    $2.50-2005 Portraits Scott Rolen jersey /99
    $5-2005 origins ichiro jersey
    $4-2007 Topps Tom Gorzelanny auto
    $4-2003 clubhouse Hank Blalock auto/on deck circle /920
    $4-2007 spectrum ubaldo jimenez rc auto
    $3-2007 spectrum Juan Morillo rc auto
    $3-2006 topps heritage Robinson Cano bat
    $2-2003 Finest Delmon Young Bat
    $3-2003 etchings kyle farnsworth auto /1325
    $4-2005 reflections mark tex/soriano dual jersey /225
    $2-2004 lcm sean henn auto rc /500
    $3-2007 topps "all star game stitches" carlos lee all star jersey
    $3-2002 sweet spot bernie williams jersey
    $2-2005 donruss l and l raul tabaldo auto leather rc /256
    $2-2003 fernando cabrera rc auto /250
    $3-2004 topps josh phelps auto
    $3-2005 DK Johan Santana dual jersey /200 (2 stripes, very very nice card)
    $2-2006 Upper deck Chris Britton rc auto
    $2-2006 ovation todd helton jersey
    $2-2005 donruss champions larry walker bat
    $5-2006 ud fx carlos ruiz rc auto
    $3-2005 Elite Miguel Tejada/Mike Mussina dual jersey /200
    $5-2005 bowman originals chris young auto /772 (back of case has tape marks)
    $5-2006 topps chrome kevin kouzmanoff rc auto
    $4-2004 Flair Marlon byrd jersey/auto /100
    $3-2008 piece of history cc sabathia jersey /99
    $3-2003 dk cc sabathia dual jersey /100

    I'm not sure if I have all of these, but i'll chekc before I finalize a deal....
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    Wow, i thought i would get some interest. But bump at 11:11 is good luck :-)

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    $4-2007 spectrum ubaldo jimenez rc auto

    I can give you $4 for this?

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