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    What book/magazine are you reading/did you just read?

    I'm a sucker for these fun one is very simple - just list out what book or magazine you are reading or just read.

    Sports Illustrated 6/22/09 issue
    SLAM Magazine August issue
    ESPN Magazine 6/29/09 issue

    and I'm currently

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    Wild Fire...Nelson DeMille

    magazine...Entertainment Weekly...I was in a docs office

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    Car and Driver latest my subscription to C&D.

    Right now I'm re-reading 10 Things You Can't Say In America by Larry Elder...trying to cut down on spending so I'm not buying any new books and re-reading some of my favorites.

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    Shadowrun: Never Deal With A Dragon
    DUH!: The Stupid History of the Human Race
    The Indispensable Calvin & Hobbes
    Knights of The Dinner Table #56: I Dream of Djinni

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    Reading "Wonderful Tonight - George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me" By Pattie Boyd.

    A little dry...okay...VERY dry at the beginning...but it gets rolling about chapter five.
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    Sports Nothing else because school is out!!

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    Just finished a bunch of books, but I'm reading Tsar by Ted Bell. Very good so far.

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    I picked these up from the library Yesterday

    Misquoting Jesus - Bart D. Ehrman
    Natural Cures They Dont Want you to know about- Kevin Trudeau
    Toward a New World Order Countdown to Armageddon- Donald McAlvany
    Bad Henry - Stan Baldwin & Jerry Jenkins in collaboration with Hank Aaron

    I also ordered a few others that have to be sent from another library. Im mainly into Non-Fiction political, spiratual, metaphysical stuff so if anyone has any recommendations let me know

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    All of Dan Brown's books (Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Deception Point, Digital Fortress). All very good books, except they all seem to follow a similar plotline structure. You'll know what I mean if you read them.

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