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    Up to $250 to spend on boxes...

    Birthday, work, and tax returns have netted me around $250 to buy a few boxes. I was going to do some 2009/10 UD Draft Edition, but now that it has been cancelled I do not know what to go with. I am open to anything, however I have some specifics in mind:

    -I am looking for boxes from 1997/98 through 2005/06 for the most part
    -I am looking for entertainment value as opposed to resale value
    -I am looking for a combination of higher packs numbers (i.e. SP Authentic has 24 packs/box) and lower packs (i.e. SP Game Used has 6 packs/box)

    Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    I am wary of the 09-10 products for a few reasons. The draft class is the weakest in many, many years, and Topps and Upper Deck are going to be clearing out inventory (see: Topps Signature) in advance of not being able to produced licensed basketball products after October 2009.

    If I can suggest something out of your years range: Topps Murad. You can find boxes online for around $55, the cards look great, you get some decent hits, and it's not hard to figure out (a few base variations, minis, etc.).

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    The older Luxury boxes are nice and Triology would be cool.

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