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    Who on here had the 08 LCM gu/ball/auto set?

    I remember seeing someone posted the 08 Leaf Certified Materials gu/ball/auto set...its the red one....i'm thinking about starting it but i just want to remember how bad it looked together...any help would be cool...thanks

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    would you guys do this set or the 08 leaf limited patch/auto #/99 set?

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    Quote Originally Posted by contenders04 View Post
    Leaf Limited
    hmmmm i thought about that...elaborate why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by viet_stylez View Post
    hmmmm i thought about that...elaborate why?
    In Leaf Limited you're going to be able to get some nice patches. LCM Mirror Red you will only find 1 color swatches. Also it'd be nice to do a set that nobody has done on the boards.

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    gotcha...**** i just sold like 3 of them in the past month...maybe ill try and if not ill wait till 09...thx for the advice contenders

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    maybe try like the prestige nfl draft patch auto set /100 ? when they cool down of course ;)

    Good luck with w/e you do !

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