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Thread: FT~ Barry Sanders (auto)

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    FT~ Barry Sanders (auto)

    I will probably regret this, but I am looking fro some new stuff for the PC. So, I have for trade this Barry Sanders auto. I obtained this autograph almost 20 years ago, at a card show in Tulsa, OK. This was right after his rookie season, and he was the hottest thing going. With this card, I will include the screw down case that it is in, and will also include the flyer from the card show. (from 1990) The card is in perfect condition, and the auto is signed in silver paint pen. (the weird bumps are from the scanner, and NOT on the card)

    Looking to trade for autos/patches of former Oklahoma Sooners. But I wil look at anything/buckets. Looking for around $45-$60 trade value, but will listen to other offers as well. Thanks.

    Looking for the following....

    Adrian Peterson
    Percy Harvin
    Brett Farve
    SP Authentic Patch autos. (basketball or football)

    Here is the scan!!!!
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    cmb for it
    Football Bucket
    Hidden Content

    Baseball Bucket:
    Hidden Content

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    Thanks guys. I didnt see anything just yet, that really hooked me. I will keep some of them in mind though.

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    TTT for the - "Greatest Runing Back of All Time"

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    i have some NICE adrian peterson rookies with him in his college uni and his vikings uni, if your interested please pm me

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