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    Giroux on EBAY - Rookie Materials Patches /15 3 Color

    Just won this....didn't expect it to get so high, but Giroux's cards are really getting more and more expensive.

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    Wow that did get pricey. Nice win though!
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    That is a beauty of a PC pickup, but I am surprised it got that high too!

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    Awesome win Rich, have you seen that card pop up before (not exactly that one)? Seems a bit high but understandable for player collectors that haven't seen one recently.

    Great patch on it too!

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    Thats the first time Ive seen the rookie materials patches for Giroux come up. That really has to be why and also its a 3 color. The flyers only have 3 colors!

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    bit on the expensive side but that's allowed for PC cards and what a patch too!

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    Flyers patches don't get too much nicer than this one.

    There's Locke!!!!!!

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    congrats on the pc pick up, that was a bit pricey.....if you didnt see last night I won my Jamie McGinn OPCP 1/1 for 102.50.....oh well, always nice to get those rare cards added to the pc

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