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    Nasty lot for $60 shipped, need paypal

    Here what you get for $60, this lot can be broken up. Scans on my bucket.

    Frank Robinson gu
    Andrew Muccutchen 2005 Update RC /2005 (great prospect!)
    Paul Moliter gu
    Ryan Howard gu
    Kevin Kouzmanoff auto /225
    Derek Lee quad gu auto /85 from Exqusite!
    Justin Upton 1/1 from 08 Co Signers!
    Zack Greinke auto /199

  2. Kronozio
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    Justin Upton 1/1 from 08 Co Signers!

    price please

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    sorry, will pass...little more that what i wanted to pay

    thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by bucknellbison View Post
    Harkey $20 shipped for it.

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    Entire lot still up for sale, but I'm negotiating the price on the 1/1 with someone. Get it before it gets broken up or break it up yourself!

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