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    My 1st Non PC Purchase from the BAY!!! Kinda Excited................

    I have never purchased anything from Ebay except for my Jason Castro collection. Well tonight I figured I would get me some good trade bait and won these:

    08 RAZOR Signature Series Tim Beckham AU/499 BV$100


    08 RAZOR Signature Series Matt Wieters AU/499 BV$50

    Got them both for $46 delivered. Any thoughts on either of these guys? I am not up to date on either of them.

    Hopefully, these cards can pull me some nice Castro's for my PC when they come in.

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    Wow what a steal

    Not sure about Beckam but Weiters is the "savior" for the Orioles.

    Or supposedly

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    Great Price for the two autos! Beckham was the #1 pick of the 08 draft!
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    If Weiters is as good as people say he will be that auto will be worth much more than $50

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    well, hopefully they will be that good. i was pretty happy to get them at what i thought was a good price.

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    yeh, those are awesome steals! congrats on picking those up!

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    thats a great deal!
    The only thing is Razor isnt the best brand but those players are great

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    Thanks guys!!! I will post scans when they come in with some of my Jason Castro pickups.

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