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    Alan Trammel RTS! What's the deal?

    Whoa! I guess Alan Trammel doesn't like to sign TTM after all.
    There were a few Trammel TTM successes a few weeks back but now everything is RTS. I got my RTS on Friday after 21 days.

    I think he got flooded with TTM (after forums reported the successes) and he decided he'd stamp them 'RETURN TO SENDER' instead of signing.
    Sure beats getting back the SASE with an un-signed card!

    I believe this is the MAIN reason players do not sign TTM!
    They *know* once they sign, they're going to get a ton of mail...

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    Sorry to hear about the RTS. Bummer....

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    I got an RTS from him last week sent c/o the Cubs. He has his moments where he signs well and then clams up. I'm sure he'll be back in the swing of things in a few months.

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