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Thread: CBA effect on trading

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    CBA effect on trading

    What effect do you guys think the upcoming CBA will have on NHL popularity or the effect it will have on the NHL trading card industry? I really think it will send card prices down if it goes too long just like it did in baseball and basketball. That might be a prime time to buy some really nice cards on ebay becasue there wont be as big of a market for them. What do u guys think?

  2. Kronozio
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    I agree totaly. Just look how much prices drop just before the start of the season. Right now they are still pretty strong but by mid August a card selling for a hundred now can usually be picked up for 60-70.

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    Yeah i think fall 2004 will be an opportune time to pick up that Gaborik Titanium RC ive always wanted.

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    the cards prices will drop, there's no doubting that. as for the gaborik, you best pick it up beforer it goes to $1000+ it will be a good time to buy cards, i hope to stock up.

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    I want a Lecavalier rookie, but those are worth a lot too. Maybe i will be able to pick one up on the cheap this fall?

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    Yeah that Zenith Vinny is another one of my favorite cards.

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    Go Lecavalier! He will definitely reach his potential within 2 years... it will go up in value a lot.

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