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Thread: $10 paypal for best card

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    $10 paypal for best card

    Looking to buy a nice auto.
    Will pay right away via paypal
    not looking for press pass or sage autos
    Just pm me or leave a scan


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    i have a dual auto of jameer nelson & delonte west from 06-07 topps full court
    (pics are in my trade bucket)
    and i can add a carlos boozer game used & an allen iverson uncirculated refractor from 03-04 topps pristine /149

    lmk, thanks

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    cmb everything is for sale in there.LMK thanks.

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    flexboogie-Nice offers I will think about it

    cavsfan-Didnt really see anything that I liked for $10

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    got a Rudy Gay/ Jamario Moon dual auto and a Sefolosha/Carney dual auto I can do both of those for $10dlvd lmk.

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    candyman- Nice offer, but I am not really intrested in those players.

    Thanks anyway

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