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    08-09 OPC 79-80 Retro Parallels in OPC Baseball?

    I remember that the 79-80 retro cards for OPC Hockey were hot when they were released due to rarity. Then, they were 1 a pack in the update set... so while popular, their price should have come down a bit. But now, are they being inserted in the baseball product as well?

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Here's an online blogger who posted a 3 box break of OPC baseball and found a malkin retro card.

    This insert set is going to become completely devalued.

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    Why would UD put hockey retro parallels in a baseball set? Pure stupidity in my opinion
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    Yea, it's a mixed sport insert set that come 1/box. I think they limited it to hockey and baseball. It's a stupid idea. I didn't even mention it in my review of the product.

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    I was checking out UD's checklist a few days ago, but I guess they fumbled again - I only saw a few NHL ones in the set (only New York teams). Unless I'm remembering wrong...

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    I didn't see any retro cards listed in the checklist. I did see Lundqvist and DiPietro listed in a New York, New York multi-sport insert, but they were not 79-80 retro design.

    If they did include 79-80 retro, I agree this is a silly idea. While 79-80 issue contains the Holy Grail of hockey cards, the 79-80 design means nothing to baseball fans. They would have to throw a few hockey cards in there to have a tie-in to the design
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    I broke two boxes of the OPC Baseball and pulled two of the 79/80 retro cards. They are mixed sports, I pulled a Roberto Luongo and a Justin Morneau.

    The Luongo is numbered different from the 79/80 Retro card from the OPC Hockey Set.

    Scan of both the front and back of the cards below.

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