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    Recent mail with a bit of variety!

    Well once again it's been a little while since I posted some mail and I wanted to wait for one nice card which came in today. Most for trade/sale. To start off, got these in early last week:

    06-07 ITG International Ice Signatures #AJS Jason Spezza SP!

    07-08 Ultimate Collection Debut Threads Patches #DTBS Brett Sterling /50
    (no worries, that's just a piece of lint to the left of his skate)

    ...and on to the newer stuff!

    07-08 Upper Deck #470 Andrew Cogliano YG

    07-08 Trilogy Scripts 3 #S3JK Jari Kurri (Another PC addition)

    08-09 SP Authentic Sign of the Times #STJK Jari Kurri
    (Very nice PC. This is the only Kurri auto I have with him in a kIngs jersey - thanks to "debtriddin" for the trade)

    06-07 Hot Prospects #102 Shane O'Brien RC AU

    ...and for the big one!

    07-08 Be A Player Player's Club #237 Andrew Cogliano RC /10

    Thanks for the look!

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    sweet cards
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    That sterling jersey is gorgeous. Atlanta's jerseys do lend for some sick swatches.

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    Thanks a lot everyone! The Sterling is definately stunning with the 5 colours and different textures. Plus, the Cogliano really has me excited! Let's just hope he plays well this coming season under Pat Quinn.

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