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Thread: Black diamond, SPA, BTP, & UD2

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    Black diamond, SPA, BTP, & UD2

    Went to get some supplies at my LCS today and opened a few loose packs of Black Diamond (3), UD2 (2), SPA(3) & 4 ITG BTP's. Heres the details of another good day!!!

    Black Diamond: Steve Stamkos RC :)
    UD2: Petr Vrana YG High Gloss /10
    BTP: Mason Mask, Roy Mask & a Matrin Brodeur Stars of the Game Auto!! Short print to boot!!
    SPA: Just some guy named Orr. SOTT

    Heres the pics!! Enjoy it like I am!!

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    Those BTP packs were amazing, that Brodeur auto is very short-printed!

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    Astronomical odds pulling all those from 12 packs!!! Do you have X-Ray eyes?

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    jawdropper...good work. never heard of this "Orr" guy

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    That's probably one of the best loose packs break I've seen!!

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    You couldn't get too much better out of each of the types of packs you got, go play the lottery!!!!!

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    I play Lotto 6/49 & Super 7 constantly and have never won anything of note except for $1000 on encore about 2 years ago. And even I didn't get that. My girlfriend brought it to my work for me to sign and I never saw it again. lol

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    Are you interested in parting with the Petr Vrana, let me know

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