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    08-09 UD Black Octo Auto: Jordan, LeBron and more!

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    im trying to figure out why UD would put those 8 on the card... bad combination imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by sl7in View Post
    That's sick, but why would they use stickers on that.
    Probably so they don't each smudge it after someone else signs it, and so they could just have the players sign the stickers and send them in, rather than making the playerscome to UD to sign the cards

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    That card is the way it is and it's a beauty. Nice combo of players!

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    you dont see him because hes not in the 8 i agree its a pretty stupid 8 combo. They can do better than guys like rodman and Anthony

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    The auction has Bryant in the title... misleading...

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