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    MLB: Chicago Cubs @ Detroit Tigers 6/23/09

    Made it out to Comerica again yesterday to graph another MLB game for a change. I don't get to graph the MLB often but I am thankful that my friend downstate let me stay for another day since I did end up having a few days off from work this week. Anyhow here are the results of what turned out to be a 12-hour day of graphing at Comerica:


    Andres Blanco 1 Team Roster Sheet, 1 card (See my Randy Wells success for how I obtained the signed card in a trade.)
    Mike Fontenot 1/2 cards
    Koyie Hill 1 Team Roster Sheet
    Reed Johnson 3/3 cards
    David Patton 1/1 card
    Geovany Soto 1/1 card (Completely lucked into this as when he got out of the van, I was the first one he signed for and he only ended up signing 5 outside before going inside.)
    Ryan Theriot 1/1 card (Only signed about 10 inside.)
    Randy Wells 3/3 cards (Techincally it should be 2/3 cards but I traded one of the signed Randy Wells cards I got for an Andres Blanco signed card with another Detroit collector there as I did not have any Andres Blanco cards to get signed and this Detroit collector needed a Randy Wells signed card as he did not have any cards for Randy Wells.)
    Larry Rothschild 1 Team Roster Sheet
    Len Kasper 1 Team Roster Sheet
    Alan Trammell 1 8x10 photo!!! (Completely lucked into this one as when batting practice was over, Trammell ran over to our side of the dugout just to pickup a couple items he wanted to keep from someone he knew in Detroit. Ushers then told us to leave the area. So I went over to the Tigers side to try for autos but 5 minutes later, one of the fans pointed out that Trammell came back out and is signing near the Cubs dugout. All the graphers ran over there and I was 3 rows back when I finally got my 8x10 over to Trammell for him to sign. Alan has a really nice sig!!!)

    That is all I got from the Cubs yesterday.

    These successes only get better lol...


    Jeremy Bonderman 1/3 cards!!! (My first time ever getting him YES!!!)
    Gerald Laird 3/3 cards, 3/3 cards (All were obtained outside. He signed everything.)
    Brandon Lyon 4/4 cards
    Zach Miner 1/3 cards
    Nate Robertson 3/3 cards (Had to work to get the 2nd and 3rd card done. Everybody kept asking and he kept signing away outside!!!)
    Ramon Santiago 1/1 card (Was obtained post game outside but he didn't switch pens.)
    Bobby Seay 3/3 cards
    Gene Lamont 2/2 cards
    Rod Allen 2/3 cards

    My final big hit of the day to show you all...

    Joel Zumaya 1 8x10 photo!!! (Nice to get this pitcher for a change. This makes up for missing out on him in Toledo on his rehab stint back in April!!!)

    That is all I got from the Tigers yesterday.

    I will have scans and pics up later as I just got back home to Traverse City today from this trip downstate. Sorry for the delay in advanced on getting scans and pics up to share what I got done the past 3 days.

    Otherwise thanks alot for looking at this thread here today!!!

    Next up for me: Possibly heading back out to the Wuerfel again at some point to try for the Beach Bums so that I can finish up on James Guerrero and Roger Mason cards...

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    sweet job i was going to go to that game but then things came up, did you get some of the cubs at the hotel?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob9826 View Post
    sweet job i was going to go to that game but then things came up, did you get some of the cubs at the hotel?
    I had no clue what hotel they were at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigman101 View Post
    I had no clue what hotel they were at.
    me neither i tryed to find out but no success, youve had some really nice success lately it seems like stanford, zumaya

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    Sweet haul, congrats
    Buying Quincy Carter GUs and Autos

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