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    LIVE Break of 07/08 Artifacts - 1 Box Plus 2 Packs

    The hits:

    Larry Bird #d to 999

    Shaq Wallace Dual

    CP3 GU

    David Robinson GU

    Antawn Jamison Auto

    And a face only a Spurs fan could love:

    I'm ready to do it.

    Pack 1
    Ben Gordon
    Gerald Wallace
    Paul Westphal
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    Pack 2:

    Andrea Bargnani
    Josh Childress
    Larry Bird #d to 999

    Bird is NFT only b/c I'm trying to collect the SPs for this set. If you have any you'd like to trade me, please PM me!

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    Pack 3:

    Jamaal Tinsley
    Leandro Barbosa
    Andrew Bogut
    Zach Randolph

    and the first hit:

    Chris Paul GU #d to 250
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    Pack 4:

    Jason Terry
    Andre Miller
    Deron Williams

    and the second hit is:

    Ben Wallace/Shaq Conference Pairings #d to 150
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    Meh. Thanks TD, but I think I'll just save the rest of the box til when there's more people ready to follow live! I'll restart this thread tmrw around 8PM. Hope more people can follow then!

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    Im following and my jaw dropped bud... the CP3 FT???

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