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    Pickups from the last few weeks

    Some pickups over the last few weeks, thanks for looking !!

    Steeler fans should like the card below, I missed out on a Lambert tag sometime last year and was really bummed.

    Got the Doak Walker and Cunningham from cowboyzqna, thanks man !! Doak is 3/3, Cunningham is a 1/1

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    An amazing group of patches-all prime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheeler281 View Post
    Crazy patches.. That Lambert is wicked.
    I was at a local show and almost fell over when I saw it in someones showcase. The guy was interested in Chicago stuff, traded a Forte and Urlacher item that I could care less about and a bit of cash to get it.

    Thanks for the comments everyone !!

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    Awesome cards! I used to own that Ocho Cinco 1/1 not too long ago!

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    some sweet pickups, as always bud, congrats.

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