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    Want all my baseball to turn into 1 highend baseball card or football

    As of right now I want to deal it all away. I want to hook up with someone with decent football stuff and trade a bunch for a bunch or I want to put them all together and get 1 highend auto

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    Dunno what you consider a bunch but I'd take any of these off your hands for football on my tradepage:

    Goosen shirt
    Ochoa shirt
    Utley jersey
    Hardy/Yount jersey

    Mainly wanting the golf over baseball in case you can find something,but not enough to trade for all.

    Wantlist to everything I collect and tradelist:
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    When trading with me,communication is key.

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    Are you interested in my Manning/Vick Auto'd Football? If so, I think we might be able to work something out.

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    Take a look at my football bucket and let me know if we can work something out.
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    I trade by BV.

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    I need the Youklas Patch, Alderson Jsy, Moskos Auto,Heyward status, and maybe the trey ref auto

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