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    stewart race used and autos wanted

    getting back into stewart race used and auto collecting. would like to focus on 09 first but will consider other years as well.


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    I got rid of most of my Stewart collection which I believe I got some of your old collection but I still have a few for Home Depot.

    2009 Eclipse SSTS 6/7 "R" 077/299 (Tan)
    2003 Undercover UCD5 073/100 (Orange)
    2002 Eclipse CD6 058/100 (Tan)

    I am collecting his #14 now also. PM me if interested! I might have a few more.



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    might be able to use the R cover. not sure what i have for it. all my stewarts in my bucket will be taken off soon, so not sure what you would be hunting for it.

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    Just updated my bucket as well as my website, so LMK if I have anything you can use. I have an "A", a skidmarks, and a 2002 Laser Exclusive that I can think of off the top of my head

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