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    4 mailers in today one from sea otter place

    well nice to see a few mailers in today as it has been a bit since i have had 4

    first off 2 cards for my 05-06 ultimate collection set i only need 8 14 and 21 now

    next is a nice little pc mail from houng thanks

    and got this one in the mail today i am glad i got it but it was in a clear bag from canada post on the back it states " the enclosed item of mail was ether received in this condition or damage during its processing we sincerely regret this unfortunate incident and any inconvenience caused "

    any way the mailer was ripped over 3/4 of the way in half i was not happy when i had seen this low and behold the card did not have a mark on it

    4 clr and 8 breaks so glade it was not damaged thanks annie for the redemption

    coments are always welcome
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    sweet patch
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    Great mail, that Doughty is awesome!
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    very nice mailday, that patch is ridicoulous

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    O' Sweet Doughty!!!!

    One of the nicest patches I have seen of the Kings!!!!

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