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Thread: WTB: 1987-88 Fleer

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    WTB: 1987-88 Fleer


    #11 Larry Bird
    #30 Clyde Drexler Purchased
    #37 Patrick Ewing
    #56 Magic Johnson Purchased
    #59 Michael Jordan***
    #68 Karl Malone Purchased

    If you can make me a deal please let me know!

    ***I would love to have the Jordan but that would probably be the last one I will be getting on my checklist unless I can get a really good deal for it.

    I already own:

    #9 Charles Barkley
    #80 Hakeem Olajuwon

    but would consider duplicates if I can get them for the right price!

    I am pretty picky about the condition of my cards so as near mint as possible, please!

    Scans would be great.

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