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    buying and selling of wwe raw deal cards

    hi anyone selling or buying wwe cards
    you can look for me.
    I am currently selling jericho and edge finisher
    got the rest at my site
    all are in singapore dollar
    shipping cost would be excluded

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    Anyone selling

    I am actually interested in buying cards too.

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    I have a couple of near complete sets of superstars I may be able to part with. You have any interest in any of these:

    Near Complete DX Set
    Near Complete Hurrifriends Set
    Near Complete Hulk Hogan Set

    I also have misc rares and what not. Pm me if your interested and I can go into details about what I have.

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    A wrestling collector here. Want are your wants. Do you have FS/FT. Checkout my bucket to find all if any wrestling.

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