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    UD Mask 2003 Team Saviors Marty Turco 413/590... anyone know the value?

    Got this great card from a pack. Seems to be the most valuable of all the "team saviors". Does anyone know what it books at? Only 590 made... pretty cool.

  2. SCC Fall 2017
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    Thanks, I am on a really bad computer at the moment, and I couldn't get Beckett to work for me. By the way, are you really from Rochester haybierman? I was born there.

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    Hahaha. Ok.. Some other guy was confused earlier.

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    Yea lol people get them confused i'm sure. They sitll have that duck pond over there? I always wanted to go see that again.

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    Ummmm im not sure what it i called but in the middle of downtown there is a pond right by the Paint Creek that people skate on a lot during the winter. There are a ton of ducks in the creek all the time so I guess maybe that might be the duck pond.. Im not sure, I just moved here in January.

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    That's probably it. I was just a kid anyway.. can't remember much.

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