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    About $400 PayPal give or take for best card!!

    Was going to use this at Nationals, but if i can get a better deal on here ill just use it here. Anyways I dont have it all with me now, but thats about how much ill be getting for my B-Day and could possibly get it early so i want to know what deal to choose once i get the paypal. Anyways, ill have about $400 PayPal give or take, so lmk whatcha got (with a price). thanx!

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    Why don't you save it for Nationals?

    I'd love to even BE at Nationals! :P
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    you should get yourself an mj auto!

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    yeah, thats the main card im looking for since this is one of the few times ill have an oppurtunity too. thanx! :)

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    I have a SP Authentic Tayshaun Prince auto rc, Rodney Carney jsy auto, Tony Parker patch #'d/38, Jason Richardson GU, Manu Ginobili GU, Carlos Boozer/Mike Dunleavy Dual GU, Drew Gooden GU, Steve Francis GU #'d/100, Darius Miles GU, Udonis Haslem GU, Eddy Curry/Jamal Crawford Dual GU, and Patrick O'Bryant GU, lookin to sell ne of them, PM me, thanks

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