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Thread: Awesome Stremme Mail Week....

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    Awesome Stremme Mail Week....

    I haven't showed off anything in awhile, but I had to show these additions to the PC....I got all of these on ebay.

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    SWEET lookin additions to your PC!! Gotta love those plates!! Congrats, & Thanks for sharin the pics with us!


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    WOW-very nice adds-1/1s and plates galore-NICE!!!

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    wow, very nice! a 1/1 and two press plates! the others look really nice too.. bet the collection is happy :)

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    really nice.....not sure which I liked better the 1 of 1 or the plates.
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    Those are all very nice!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    wow thats a nice mail week. Lots of low numbered. I really like those rookie stripe ones. congrats

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    Wow them are sweet looking Jim, hopefully within this time next week we will see another fantastic Stremme mail day.

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