Poll: Obama health plan has slim majority support

A new national poll suggests that a bare majority of Americans support President Obama's health care plan.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey released Wednesday morning indicates that most people worry that their health care costs would go up if the administration's proposals passed and only one in five thinks that his or her families would be better off under the Obama plan.

Fifty-one percent of people surveyed say they favor the president's health care plan, with 45 percent opposed...

..."In September of 1993, when Bill Clinton was just starting to roll out his ill-fated health care plan, 54 percent said they supported Clinton's ideas on that issue. Today, 51 percent feel the same way about Obama's proposals," Holland said. "That indicates that Obama may have his work cut out for him in the coming months."
So fewer people supported socialized medicine now than in 1993? I know polls don't mean much, but that's encouraging to me.