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Thread: SP Authentic boxbreak

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    SP Authentic boxbreak

    Ok, my only auto was a james sheppard SOTT. I got the box from Waynes.

    Should I get in contact with wayne or UD?


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    Quote Originally Posted by sportsfreak995 View Post
    contact UD and make sure ur nice

    Yeah, I just contacted them and I think I sounded pretty nice.

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    Good decision contacting them
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    Uggh, that's not good, hopefully UD can make it up to you somehow.

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    I got a box with no autos for my bday and they sent me a 8.00 tiger williams auto and an 8.00 Marek Svatos Auto and a nice letter explaining what odds are. I was enlightened. Even though the box states 3 Autos and 1 RC auto, with no mention of averages. Good luck, AKA youre screwed :)

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    man that sucks, hope UD pulls through

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